Restaurants With Dubai Fountain View

Restaurants With Dubai Fountain Views

How about a fine dining experience closer to the amazing vistas of striking water, music, and illumination show at Downtown Dubai? The Dubai Fountain Show requires no introduction. It is one of the tallest performing fountains in the world and a huge hit among the tourists coming from all around the world just to get a glimpse of how perfect this show can be. Needless to say that the tourists adore the thrilling musical performances and illumination, but the stunning restaurants with Dubai Fountain view add cherry on the top as not only do they provide a spectacular view of the dancing fountain, but they also let you savor on some rich mouthwatering delicacies that are sure to leave you spellbound.

The Dubai Fountain is also referred to as The Dancing Fountain as it is a well-rendered fountain system with a 30 acre footprint. Since it’s enormous and vastly spread, it can be seen from a mile away. It's noteworthy to note that numerous owners of various restaurants near Dubai Fountain designed their establishments to maximize the picturesque backdrop and give customers sweeping views of the breathtaking performances.

With the incredible artistry of the fountain and delectable fare, the restaurants close to the Dubai Fountain certainly make your visit one to cherish. For instance, if you visit the Tulum, you will be able to savor the front and the center view of the Dubai Fountain. Likewise, Thiptara lets you indulge in luxury cuisine as well as restorative lighting and ambiance. Either way, you will find the best restaurants in Dubai Mall with fountain views to explore.

Social House

Immerse in an unforgettable dining experience at Social House, an engaging restaurant serving global flavors in a setting of breathtaking views of Dubai Fountain and cozy appeal. Enjoy the delectable comfort food brought to you from many parts of the world, with specialized menus for each time of day. Social House is one of the best restaurants in Dubai Mall with a fountain view that you can relish with a group of friends. If you are the one seeking the flavor of different cuisines in Dubai, then this specific restaurant is the one for you. Choose your favorite beverage from what seems like an endless menu, and then enjoy it against the opulent background of Dubai Mall. The restaurant brings you different cuisines like Japanese, American, Italian, Asian, and more.


The Carluccio Italian Restaurant is one of the most convivial eateries in Dubai Mall that enables you to enjoy a vibrant classic Italian meal. You may sample the woodfired pizza, shrimp marinara, and penne giardiniera at this "little Italy" in Dubai. Everything from delectable brunches to elegant meals can be found here. The vibrant ambiance and distinctive décor really enhance the overall experience. This is one of Dubai's greatest Italian restaurants if you're looking for genuine Italian flavors. Place an order and treat your taste receptors to the finest delicacies created by Chef Antonio Carluccio. Don't forget to try their specially handcrafted focaccia which you would love for its distinctive flavors, gorgeous beauty, and consistency.

Wafi Gourmet

One of the finest restaurants overlooking Dubai Fountain, the Wafi Gourmet makes it challenging for authentic Lebanese cuisine lovers to resist the numerous mouth-watering delicacies that the restaurant is renowned for. The restaurant offers a fantastic cozy ambiance with delicious food that you are sure to find impeccable. With its superb meals and unmatched ambiance, Wafi Gourmet has undoubtedly earned its rightful status as the city's top Lebanese Restaurant & Deli. The menu has an amazingly broad selection of specialties, including grills, dumplings, shareable platters, hot and cold mezze options, and meals from Morocco, Iran, Egypt, and the Gulf. The Arabic bakery in the restaurant serves delicious pastries. Also, be sure to purchase some ready-made gift boxes of classic Middle Eastern delicacies from a renowned eating establishment in Dubai.


The rich heritage and natural beauty of the territory served as foundation for the conception and establishment of the local UAE Zou Zou Turkish Restaurant. It is one of the many restaurants with Dubai Fountain views. The fusion restaurant was set with a specific design kept in mind where people could come together with friends and family for celebrations. The restaurant hosts several events and celebratory moments such as anniversaries or birthday parties, business meetings, or even a quiet dinner with your spouse. ZouZou is undoubtedly one of the best restaurants near Dubai Fountain offering delicious Turkish and Lebanese cuisines cooked by their talented Turkish and Lebanese chefs. Their specialty lies in the delicious steak presented as a form of an unforgettable fire show by their star steak chef.

Walnut Grove

An original idea developed in the land of South Africa, the Walnut Grove is now one of the many elegant restaurants with Dubai Fountain views. Walnut Grove is prominent for having a rich heritage and a fun environment suitable for families. With its vibrant and creative food, friendly staff, and family-centered core principles, Walnut Grove has swiftly established itself as a beloved neighborhood hangout for families, kids, and friends. Their carefully hand-crafted and internationally renowned pastries from their own boutique, engaging bakery and the distinctive, freshly brewed coffee add something special and intriguing to the typical eating backdrop. You'll find countless alternatives for sweet and flavorful culinary delicacies along with an active, open bakery and barista station.


Another addition in the exquisite list of restaurants overlooking Dubai Fountain is the OFK or the Open Flame Kitchen. The Open Flame Kitchen - OFK is the trademark dining project of Gastronomica, a concept of fine and luxurious dining. The restaurant is located on the first floor of the prominent Fashion Avenue of the gigantic Dubai Mall. Apart from the perfectly mesmerizing outdoor patio and a partially viewable glass-walled kitchen, the OFK are quite prominent for offering an immersive eating experience with basic stylish décor and scrumptious food. Grills with influences from around the world, along with other inventive dishes like sushi from a live counter make this restaurant distinctive.

At Mosphere

If you are on an excursion to try out all the restaurants with Dubai Fountain view, then you must begin with the famous Downtown Dubai's restaurant- The At. Mosphere. The restaurant is more than just a quirky word play as it is one of those finest restaurants near Dubai Fountain providing you with a bird's eye view of the Dancing Fountain performances. They even provide you a private dining room if you wish to have a romantic evening planned. At. Mosphere, the world's tallest restaurant in the Dubai Mall, is a prestigious, award-winning exquisite dining establishment that delights guests with its ambiance, mouthwatering cuisine, and first-rate services.

The Meat Co.

Travel to the Meat Co. for amazing and delectable signature style steaks. By embracing its African heritage, this restaurant appeals to a wide audience and offers the best, individually matured steaks. The Wagyu Burger, Chocolate Burger, and Mashed Potatoes are must-try items here. In addition, The Meat Co offers specialties and fresh seafood for you to explore while you enjoy their friendly service and an unusual ambiance. Additionally, the restaurant's iconic location gives you a feeling of exotic and luxurious dining. You get to enjoy panoramic views from the Burj Al Arab and Burj Khalifa to the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, and not to forget, the Meat. Co is one of the restaurants with Dubai Fountain View.


The name Thiptara, which translates to "magic by the lake," accurately describes this fine-dining establishment on Burj Lake. Enjoy some delicious seafood prepared in the style of Bangkok, such as sea bream, sea bass, and stir-fried lobster. Thiptara certainly is one of the most romantic restaurants with Dubai Fountain View as it provides such unimpeded views of the Dancing Fountain performance. Thiptara serves to be one of the best settings for intimate celebrations like birthday or anniversary parties or dinner. A variety of curries, such as the famous Thai Green, Beef Panang, Spicy Roasted Duck, and traditional fare like pad Thai, tom yum soup, and zingy salads enhance the menu of this restaurant


Craving for an Indian meal in Dubai? Go straight to Armani, one of the most upscale restaurants with Dubai Fountain view. It is tucked inside the enormous Burj Khalifa. On levels 8, 38, and 39, Armani/Amal serves opulent Indian food with a contemporary touch. The majority of their menu items are well-liked by guests such as Dal Makhni, Aloo Bukhara Kofta, Gajar Halwa, and Kiwi Martini stand out. Armani is one of the very few but acclaimed restaurants with Dubai Fountain view that serves authentic Indian and Japanese food. The elegant setting of the eatery astounds you with its pleasantly approachable staff and elevated fare skillfully and freshly prepared. The sushi, sashimi, and variety of other distinctive dishes are not to be missed.

Al Hallab

Al Hallab is one of the best restaurants in Dubai Mall with Fountain views where you can spend a fine evening and experience one of the greatest experiences Dubai Mall has to offer if you reserve your table on the outside terrace. Not only do you get dreamy and panoramic views of the Dancing Fountain from up above, but also savor international cuisines like Middle Eastern, Lebanese, and Arabian cuisines represented on the culinary menu in a variety of dishes like Baba Ghanouj and scrumptious Shawarma. The mouthwatering dishes are carefully crafted with premium ingredients and a strong Levantine flavor profile, while taking utmost safety in mind.


HuQQa comes as one of the finest restaurants with Dubai Fountain views as it is located on the new expansion of the Dubai Mall. HuQQa is a chill and enjoyable shisha lounge with a packed dining room set on their balcony patio. HuQQa offers a wide variety of delectable Turkish meals like exquisite steaks, exotic salads, Manti, gluten-free dinners, and savory Kebabs. Furthermore, you must visit HuQQa for their specialty- Shisha. Enjoy your favorite Shisha flavor while unwinding in this breathtaking setting. HuQQa remains one of the very few restaurants near Dubai Fountain that offer an indoor Shisha Lounge along with scrumptious Turkish meals.


The Asado Restaurants is one of the best restaurants in Dubai Mall with a fountain view, which honors the majestic Argentinian heritage and traditions. It is one of the busiest eateries close to Dubai Fountain. Being part of Palace Downtown, the Asado is known to serve mouthwatering dishes created using traditional recipes. Asado restaurant flaunts an open grill known as the "Parrilla" serving quality grilled meat. Once you step into this restaurant, you'll be mesmerized by the authentic Argentinian landscape, drinks, live entertainment, and cultural melodies. If you like, you can choose between indoor and outdoor seating. When it comes to dining establishments with views of the Dubai Fountain, Asado shines out. As one of the best restaurants overlooking Dubai fountain, it is very highly acclaimed.

Karma Kafe

Karma Kafe is among the many restaurants with Dubai fountain views that offer a gorgeous pan Asian and worldwide menu along with spectacular views of the mighty Burj Khalifa. Spend your evening at this restaurant and immerse in the magpie music in the backdrop. It is also one of Souk Al Bahar's top dining establishments in Dubai with a legacy of winning multiple awards. Without having to sit down to a formal meal, you can still enjoy the complete Karma Kafé sensation thanks to the great cuisine menu that's prepared specifically for the lounge area. The Karma Kafé lounge is the perfect place to enjoy your evenings, either it's for a casual after-work beverage, relaxing cocktails with friends, or a late-night celebration.


Tulum Restaurant in Dubai offers a fine culinary experience while facing a front-row view of The Dubai Fountain, which is why this authentic Mexican restaurant is popular with tourists. The eatery takes pleasure in using local Mexican ingredients to produce the best dishes to quench your hunger. Grill, Mexican, and seafood cuisine are the main specialties of the Tulum Restaurant. Popular Mexican food is provided here in a lovely setting, including Guacamole Nachos, Churros, and Tacos. Additionally, it offers a delicious cheesecake as a dessert to round up the meal. On a weekend when it's raining, you can enjoy your lunch while sitting on the patio and taking in the scenery.

FAQs Of Restaurant With Dubai Fountain

What are the most popular restaurants to see Dubai Fountain from?

Some of the most popular restaurants with Dubai Fountain views are-

Social House- If you're looking for restaurants near the fountains at the Dubai Mall, Social House is one of the better options. It is a true magnet thanks to its welcoming, informal atmosphere and cosmopolitan menu, which features cuisines from all over the world.

Walnut Grove- While you are pampered at this quaint eatery with one of the nicest views in Dubai, the exquisite Walnut Grove caters to the whole family with a specific kids menu to compliment the regular menu options. It provides delicious dessert snacks, breakfast, and straight to whole dinners.

OFK- A beautiful international restaurant called The Open Flame Kitchen or OFK is located on Level 1 of the Dubai Mall. Despite serving cuisine from all around the world, this upscale restaurant has a distinct Asian touch. You can therefore expect to find a wide range of delectable meals, such as Miso, Maki Rolls, Chicken, Eggplant Katsu, and more.

Is there a fountain show in the afternoon?

The choreographed fountain show also takes place in the afternoon from 1:00 pm until 01:30 pm. You can enjoy the Dancing Fountain show every Friday from 1:30 pm to 2:00 pm.

What is special about Dubai Fountain to catch the view from Restaurants?

The Dubai Fountain is the tallest performing fountain in the world, located in Downtown Dubai, on the 30-acre Burj Lake and is almost 900 feet long, or more than two football fields, and performs to a variety of musical selections. It's worth booking a table at these restaurants overlooking Dubai Fountain.

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Is the reservation required for these restaurants?

Yes, reservation is required for these restaurants at Dubai Mall if you want to savor spectacular views of the Dancing Fountain Show. You can reserve your table at your preferred restaurant by booking online in advance so as to avoid hassle.

For how much duration does the Dubai Fountain experience last?

The Dubai Fountain Show runs from 5:45 p.m. until 11:30 p.m., and it lasts for five minutes in total. The final boat for the Dubai Fountain lake Ride departs thirty minutes prior to the event's end.

What is the best experience to do at The Dubai Fountain?

Visiting the Level Shoe District, Souk Al Bahar, Burj Khalifa, Yas Beauty Spa, and several chic restaurants like Social House, Tulum, Karma Kafe, Thiptara, and more at the Dubai Mall are some of the best experiences to do at the Dubai Fountain.


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